Toxic Culture

A virus does care about cells.  Cells are simply a means to carry out a purpose.  In their natural state cells live and function within the environment around them.  When attacked by a virus, a very small and insignificant thing, the cell becomes altered.  Its very core is changed to make more viruses.  It has become corrupted.  The cell is still sort of alive, and is still functioning, in a toxic reprogramed way.  But when its guts becomes nothing but a saturation of viruses it explodes and dies.

Worthless and toxic ideas may land on someones mind.  The idea is tiny, and it only has information that requires a host to thrive.  The information is wrong, but when it enters a brain and corrupts it.  The manufacturing process becomes active.  Producing toxic information that saturates and eventually explodes into toxicity that hurts many other people.

For a virus to attach to a cell, the receptors on the cell wall must allow for it.  For malicious and toxic ideas to get into someones head, they have to be willing to let it in.  Our reasoning for letting it in is often because we want to fit into a culture, perhaps a virus culture.  We allow ourselves to become toxic so that we are viewed as an outsider.  This is an unhealthy practice.  Because once a virus has used up a cell.  The cell dies.  Toxic people will use you until you break.  Then without a single though of remorse, they will move onto their next victim.

* * *

Copyright © 2019 Zachary W. Gilbert

Let your tale, be poured into my ears

My friends, I humbly ask for you to consider the following notions, before you release the swarm.  In conversation, with other human beings that inhabit this world, please entertain the idea that their story doesn’t match yours.  All people, perhaps, have unique back stories, that may identify them, haunt them, or inspire them. The fibrous stands of time are woven together for us all over years and years of experiences.  Yet, the patterns, shapes, and perspectives are vastly different.  Some fabric is cut, some are burned, some have vibrant stories and colors, some depict great tragedies.  Words are not defined by your strings, but by theirs.  Father, may be a word that is equal to the devil.  Mother may mean perpetual anger and criticism.  Please dear friends, I beg you to pause, and allow rumination to take your thoughts on a flight.  High above your own city and town, where events that have happened to you are lost, and the vast landscapes of another person unfold below you.  Become the Hawk, high in the cool breeze, seeking to capture their story, hiding in the rocks.  Swoop down, and consume their tale.  Live, with them in their moment of storytelling.  Listen, learn, and most importantly, love.

 Take the institution of marriage.  Why, to me, it is a fine thing.  My parents stayed married their whole life, as did my wife’s parents.  I watched them endure mighty storms, but they were as steadfast as a rocky shore.  My tale, is my tale.  Other souls may have the word marriage fall upon their ears as a ball of thorns beings pushed into their heart with a glowing orange iron from the fire.  A man may have used his might and authority to foul innocence.  A woman may insult a child because they remind her of the man who failed, and left her alone.  There are thousands and thousands of stories.  Consider, listening.  Discover what life is to someone else.

The swarm of your words, waits like an army.  As the ruler you choose what to arm them with, when you unleash them into conversation.  Will you attack in foolishness, or will you send an unarmed scout, with ready pen and blank page to learn the tale of life, from another.

My friends, please consider carefully concerning the swarm.  For if you attack, for the sake of yourself, you will become a defined agent of pain, and burn another thread of time black before it is sewn permanent into the tapestry of someone else’s life.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


Doubt is a disease

The body is full of cells.  They carry out various functions according to their design.  A virus enters the micro world, invisible to the naked eye.  A virus, by itself is tiny, and insignificant.  Floating toward the massive cell.  Like an evil satellite landing on planet, the virus pukes its RNA code into the cell.  The cell is doomed to reprogram itself into a virus producing factory.  It’s purpose is compromised, it’s existence soon to be over, and the virus shows no remorse.

In the case of the villainous bacteria, it consumes the cell, and dedicates rot.  The body becomes sick, in an altered state.  Sometimes the damage is stopped and people get better, and sadly sometimes it does not.

In the social world, there are toxic people.  Bacteria and viruses that seek to infect you, change you, and they will do so without regret of any kind.  That is what they have designed themselves for.  I have listened to and believed this blight as comments and suggestions enter my brain.

“You can’t do that!”

“You will be overwhelmed.”

“You probably won’t understand this.”

“Your not good enough.”

It is important to realize, that without your submission, the virus and bacteria can infect.  If you build up an immunity to the lazy and foolish word, you will kill the infection.   I trust in God.  I know he didn’t create me to fail.  I know he didn’t create me to hurt, and to hate.  As I have crossed the marker in life that says 40 years, I am going to work on my immune system.  I have races to run, books to write, and people to help.  I can’t do those things if I am sick in the brain, because I let some weaker organism take over my thoughts.