Toxic Culture

A virus does care about cells.  Cells are simply a means to carry out a purpose.  In their natural state cells live and function within the environment around them.  When attacked by a virus, a very small and insignificant thing, the cell becomes altered.  Its very core is changed to make more viruses.  It has become corrupted.  The cell is still sort of alive, and is still functioning, in a toxic reprogramed way.  But when its guts becomes nothing but a saturation of viruses it explodes and dies.

Worthless and toxic ideas may land on someones mind.  The idea is tiny, and it only has information that requires a host to thrive.  The information is wrong, but when it enters a brain and corrupts it.  The manufacturing process becomes active.  Producing toxic information that saturates and eventually explodes into toxicity that hurts many other people.

For a virus to attach to a cell, the receptors on the cell wall must allow for it.  For malicious and toxic ideas to get into someones head, they have to be willing to let it in.  Our reasoning for letting it in is often because we want to fit into a culture, perhaps a virus culture.  We allow ourselves to become toxic so that we are viewed as an outsider.  This is an unhealthy practice.  Because once a virus has used up a cell.  The cell dies.  Toxic people will use you until you break.  Then without a single though of remorse, they will move onto their next victim.

* * *

Copyright © 2019 Zachary W. Gilbert

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