Doubt is a disease

The body is full of cells.  They carry out various functions according to their design.  A virus enters the micro world, invisible to the naked eye.  A virus, by itself is tiny, and insignificant.  Floating toward the massive cell.  Like an evil satellite landing on planet, the virus pukes its RNA code into the cell.  The cell is doomed to reprogram itself into a virus producing factory.  It’s purpose is compromised, it’s existence soon to be over, and the virus shows no remorse.

In the case of the villainous bacteria, it consumes the cell, and dedicates rot.  The body becomes sick, in an altered state.  Sometimes the damage is stopped and people get better, and sadly sometimes it does not.

In the social world, there are toxic people.  Bacteria and viruses that seek to infect you, change you, and they will do so without regret of any kind.  That is what they have designed themselves for.  I have listened to and believed this blight as comments and suggestions enter my brain.

“You can’t do that!”

“You will be overwhelmed.”

“You probably won’t understand this.”

“Your not good enough.”

It is important to realize, that without your submission, the virus and bacteria can infect.  If you build up an immunity to the lazy and foolish word, you will kill the infection.   I trust in God.  I know he didn’t create me to fail.  I know he didn’t create me to hurt, and to hate.  As I have crossed the marker in life that says 40 years, I am going to work on my immune system.  I have races to run, books to write, and people to help.  I can’t do those things if I am sick in the brain, because I let some weaker organism take over my thoughts.


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