The Z & G of Things


Sharpened axe, flies,

swift and silent,

in the forest, then

in a quick moment,

“Zzz ahh kuh!”

echoes through living trees.

“Zzz aah kuh”, sounds rattle out,

a blown hum in a buzz,

tongue behind slightly open teeth,

“Zzzz”, swirling noise, born

in darkness of the throat.

An axe raised.

“Aah”, the sound of breathing out,

lungs deflate below an open mouth,

Not a sigh, but yet…  a pinch

in the  dry throat,

a dying breath,

without words.

The axe finds its,

speeding arc, head falling

fast toward its prey.

“Kuh!” the back of the tongue,

opening of throat pressed,

a gust of breath pops

loose, a “Kuh!”

The full name said,

the wood now split,

falls over green moss

The swung axe,

weeps tree sap,

a fresh gray gash,

sits silent, upon a yellowed

tree stump, spelling the name,



Green pine needles,

Sway, under a mountain breeze,

clouds weep life.

 “Rape!” Earth cries.

Now naked, brown dirt

green clothes stolen.

Passport required,

to move near to, Earth’s lost,

greener grass.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert

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