Dear Writer, consider the ratio…

Dear Writer,

How many words will fall from your mind and make broken sentences?  How many paragraphs are born weak, and frail, then die within a casket of saved files, and dusty hard copies on the shelf?   Writer, what if I told you, that your 1,000,001 word would be your best one?  What if I told you, to enjoy the view from the accomplished summit of the high mountain, it takes sacrifice.  Missed steps, twisted ankles, lost breath, and half of a good day.  In the end, the final step gets to reap the fortune of earned victory.   So let your fingers dance on the keyboard until the keys are worn and faded.  When the F and J keys loose their bump, and the space bar is greasy smooth.  The elevation feet are broken, and the Ctrl key sticks from the coffee you spilled on your third edit.   For one day, upon your wall, you will hang the trophy of your published work, next to empty pens and broken keyboard.  All of your lost and dead words, will lay the foundation for the ones that live.

The war of writing will consume many words, the fortune of victory is found by sheer numbers.

  Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


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