Lightly Said, or Darkness Spread

Cool mist, morning.

Mountain river licks woes,

Fishing is peace.

Imbued with hatred and malice,

evil thoughts swirl within,

their bony bowl.

A hungry gray tornado,

whines and surges behind hungry eyes.

   words become wind,

that can kill.

Such a meaningless,


Love, for humanity,

is a warm yellow light,

that glows behind,

caring eyes.

A lighthouse beacon,

cuts through,

the cold dark ocean spray.

Such a valuable


Encouragement crafted

for the simple and only sake

of someone else…

is like the first warmth,

of that yellow spring sun,

that chases away

the cold dark blue,

winter of discouragement.

Such a welcomed


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert

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