When Math met Poetry

Friday, sweet day,

Stress melts, warm butter

yellow covered smile.

Math and Poetry, a forbidden love affair in the backdrop of my thoughts yielded a child.  A young five year old boy now runs through the halls of my mind, with bubbling giggles, melted chocolate chip cookie crumbs on his chin, and calculated banter for suggested  metaphors. Colorful equations on the soft tan baffles of my brain show  Dirty hand prints, frame crayon equations…

Take a look at this wall, inscribed on the squishy yellow sparks of my mind, the question, “How is respect measured in love?  The world, as it is, holds many beautiful women.  Consider for a moment, a man.  Who is charming and funny, or perhaps rich and athletic.  A lost ship in a sea of possibilities, does he have one love.  Is it possible, that the magnitude of his, firm “No thanks,” and “I love only one” state of mind, is in fact the measurement of his love?”

Perhaps as the sand of time scours away the dying mist of my thoughts, I may find more pondering to share with you, my beloved fellow human.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert

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