Lovingly, Lovingly, gently down the stream…

Love, shaped like a red heart pillow, lovingly rolls down the staircase of life,

It bounces and twists, gets dirty, tears on carpet tacks, and is stained by strife.

Love, encased in fragile shimmering silk, is a drying river, flowing in time.

The clock cryptically marches,  eroding hearts warm red hue,  into dull gray slime.


When love, is lovingly encased in a tender moment, and offered, wrapped in joy.

A girl, whose world is vast, and heavy with burdens, may, just may, love a boy.

Time, lovingly  honored, steady clock hands, carve lovers initials, deep in the tree.

Relationships, lovingly loved, though stitches and faded patches, another year, may see.


Marriage, a fragile creature, that fewer and fewer, lovingly fight for, may die in history.

Love, a fish on dry sand, suffocates under a blanket of mist, trapped in realities mystery.

Forgiveness’s waters, sacrificed in cold splashes, and drinks up the dry sandy ground.

Lovers fight, against, what will be lost, and for, what will be kept.  Love, lovingly found.


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


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