Dear Writer…

Craft for me a tale, dear writer.  Craft for me a tale.

Within title, I require enticement.

Upon the first sentence, our relationship, as reader, and writer, hangs upon a thin silky spider web…

At this crossroads, many books die, soon after they are born.

More dust than readers, are captured in the cool night air, on lonely metal shelves, fat with static inventory.  Waxy covers hold tight, to pages that will never feel the caress of a reader.  Chapters are entombed, hungry for eyes, minds, and hearts.  They starve, in silence.  Pages suffocated from wine spills, coffee stains, and greasy fingers, they long to be touched, and turned.

And yet…  you are strong, and wise dear writer.  Your tale may yet live!  Now, craft for me a paragraph!

Ahh yes!  The first two trials, dear writer, you have conquered well.  Now, the true test begins.  Fortify my conquered heart.  Your won battle, can become of lost war, if the first paragraph is stale.   I am interested, I am engaged, I suddenly care, like rose petals reaching for warm morning sunlight.

Chapter 1 falls valiantly under my sharpened eye.  The smell of new paper, slimy wax, and fresh ink fill the air.  My mind is fed, and fed well.  You have given me power in our journey, I suspect, I wonder, I want more.  Have you heard the term, “Harry the explainer?” Well, that is certainly not you, my new writer friend.  Not you at all.  I shout, “Well done!”  Everyone in the coffee shop gives me a funny look.  I hold your creation high.  Look upon this book that has enticed my outburst.  Look upon it well, for you should read it too!   Bravo, you have respected me, your reader with polished and refined word play.  You know your craft…

Onward writer!  Craft for me a tale!  Soon you will win the war, and I shall sing of your tale, to other hearts, that are hungry, for you dear writer, to consume your crafted tale…


2017 © Zachary W Gilbert

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