Fearful Talents

A battle with self,

defeat’s voice, burns hearts ambition.

Self decides; “Winner is…”

Life begins to taper, and I ponder the voice of my biggest enemy.  The devil inside my thoughts.  The liar that attacks my ambition, my value, and my perception…  whispering like a choking cloud of soot.

My mind is obese with lies.  Greasy negativity clings dulls the yellow sparkle that used to dance like lighting in a blue cloud.  Every day presents a challenge, do I walk the path of success, or do I let the lies bind me and I do nothing.  My ears seem hungry to eat the words of the nay say’er.  Self proclaim experts of life, the talent-less critic dines in the banquet halls of my heart, negotiating over the business table with my own doubt.  Carrying the same brain for forty years, and doubting my doubt.  Soon I realize the sour deal of defeat.  Defeat for me is being idle.  Defeat is burying that heavy bag of gold coins in the the cold wet earth.  Will I be buried the same way, full of unspent coins.  Or will I cast them out into the world, investing in it, and its people.  Then when my empty body meets with that bed of soil, my coin bag of talents will be empty too.  My gold coins multiplied and inherited by the Master who gave them to me.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W. Gilbert

Midnight Poetry

Midnight is that moonlit moment,

where cool mountain air tickles

the dark and sleepy green of the pines.

Midnight my body feels like lead,

yet my mind flies into silver clouds

floating beneath the stars.

Midnight the next day is born.

It is too small to do anything,

a crying infant, we soon rock ourselves,

a dissolving volume of heavy thoughts.

Midnight drinks my dreams.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W. Gilbert


Polish: Mountain Moment

Like silent empty bones,

concrete drinks heat from the sun.

Within a spring day,

the sound of a gurgling river,

kisses the moment.

The dusty dead giant,

ignores natures flirtations.

A butterfly stretches its wings,

in the thin mountain air.

The moment grabs my heart,

concrete and machinery dissolve

into roots, wet dirt, and fuzzy antennae.

Powdered wings lift my soul,

while the waterfall’s music

polishes submerged boulders.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W. Gilbert


Garbage Disposal Plug

Often I am so distant from the truth, my rambling just becomes embarrassing in the end.

I had Biology 204 homework, English 122 Homework, Geology 111 homework, and a Top level distribution test to study for this weekend.  But I am a Landlord, not a slum lord.  If your appliances don’t work.  I fix them or I replace them.  So on Saturday the dishwasher came in.  No dollies, no help, I am big enough to carry those things around.  They aren’t heavy.  I have done it five times before.  But this one.  This one would teach me the price of not getting all of the information.  I install it.  Electrical, check.  Water flow, check.  Water drain, check.  No leaks, looks good.  Mount it!  I am done! Or, was I.

Renter calls, “Error 24 flashing…”

I tear it out, check it, drain it… and say,

“Yeah, you have to limit the grease.  The centrifugal pump on the bottom of the dishwasher can’t handle the flow if it is full of food particles.”  Run it with the drain in the sink, it works.  I lecture some more… yeah, I am right this time.

It’s hooked up and running, wife says, “Wait, wait, another error.”

Pull it apart, check it.  “It’s the hose, its too long.  The pump can’t handle the distance, yeah that’s it.  I am a water professional, I know these things.  I am sure of it…”

Go and get the kids some food, its finally over…  need to get back to the homework.

“What?” my wife says in a sigh, answering her phone.  “Oh no…”

In the drive through at a burger joint, I ask my phone, “What is wrong with the dishwasher hooked into a garbage disposal?”  I read… it takes seconds.  I shout, “I am an idiot!”

Garbage disposals have a plastic button the size of a dime that you have to knock out.  I go, I knock it out.  “Done!”

“BIO 204 lets dance, you are going to be a handfull.  Prokaryotes… interesting…”  the phone rings.

“Oh no,” my wife says… “Water on the floor…”

“Tell them I will be there in 10 minutes…”

Unhook it, pull it out.  Drain line fell off of the unit… “Got it!”  Reinstall for the 7th time.  Run it.  Watch it.  “It works!”

I think about life.  How many times have I thought I understood something and spoke upon it as if I was some sort of an expert.  Good life lesson.  Transforming from landlord to student in under 10 hours, sounds about right.

Ready to learn and listen.  “What is this, the scientific method? Sounds interesting.”


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W. Gilbert


Haiku thoughts of possible preponderance

Infuse fire to soul,

life burns cold for the idle,

moving starts the blaze.

Call me, “empty shell”,

“a swirling nothing”. Void negates Value.

Big  Bang.  Leveled Soul.

How is it that, you

define me by one choice made?

Tears hit the delete key.

The arena is full.

Battle, waged by a slight few,

yet, all get a trophy.

Love, is found at home,

it is my breath and purpose,

Wife.  Kids. Love my home.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W. Gilbert