Warm honey, sprinkled with moonlight

Hearts, drink love in hungry gulps,

breath, kiss, and caress, quicken 

sparkling needles dance inside fingers,

summer breezes float sweetly in warm night air.

Sand scatters on times shore,

wipes smooth under oceans of passion,

surrendered souls rise like storm clouds,

rain and lightning, blast an orchestral symphony.

Sunlight spills, free and loose into the morning,

a warm orange and yellow embrace follows,

blue shadows of swaying trees in moonlight,

Hearts twist together like roots and soil.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


Dear Daughter…


Dear Daughter,

I can’t believe you are nine years old now.  I still remember when you were born and fit on my forearm.  We had a 2004 black Nissan Sentra, it was loaded with diaper bags, a pink car seat, and an excited mom and dad.  I think I spent six month painting your powder pink room, with lady bugs and castles on the wall, and a dark blue sky with a cartoon sun on the ceiling.  I had to repaint the clouds twice, just to get them perfect.  It was all for you.  I love watching you grow up.  I cherish each moment, each phase, and you.  You will always be my sweetheart, and I love you.  I feel like I have let you down countless times, but I will continue to talk you though my mistakes, as well as yours.  I love you too much not to.  I see you worry about my approval, but please don’t.  I am always on your team, and on your side.  I thank God everyday, that he put you in my life.  I will forever strive to keep your momma happy and loved so that you can feel safe everyday, and not have to worry about your parents.  It breaks my heart every time you cry.  I want you to know that I am willing to help you dry your tears, anytime.

We are going to have to talk about boys soon, and to be honest, I am terrified.  I think, silver hair is in my immediate future.  I know you have a buddy at school, but I know, things are going to get weird in a few years, if they aren’t already.  I think I may use your 2 year old brother as an example.  How he loves cars, stands up and cheers for anything starwars, and his vocabulary is half sound effects.  He is likely to never think about, or plan anything about his wedding.  Boys aren’t wrong, they are just so very different.  I want you to hear it from me first.  We will go on a date.  We will talk.  My silence, is not ok.  God gave you an extroverted, chatty dad.  Don’t worry, I am going to keep this date appropriate to your age.  I just want to build a foundation, for you to be able to ask your dad about boys, and life.  I think we are going to be ok.  I know I often say, “You are the practice kid.”  All that means, Sweetheart is that mom and I are constantly learning how to be parents with you.  Mom and I both were ‘first born’ so we understand your frustration.

So, what do you think?  Can I take my sweet girl, in the powder pink shirt, out on a date?  Just me and you.  We will load up in the 2015 black Mustang.  You can sing Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry at the top of your lungs.   I will tell some silly daddy jokes.  I love the way you laugh.  Sweetheart,  I am sorry I cry a little, every time you talk about getting married.  I take a deep breath, and sigh, and only lose one or two tears.  You put your hand on top of mine and say, “Don’t worry daddy, everything is going to be ok.”  I couldn’t agree more.


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


There were ten of us girls waiting on the windy shore of the island.  We were certainly overdressed for a beach, but we were all waiting for a party.  We were all dressed like bridesmaids.  There was flowing baby blue fabric dancing around our shoulders.  Everyone’s hair was getting trashed by the wind.  Luckily, we all had our beauty bags, to ward off any abnormalities we would face.

The ground shook.  Behind the dock, blanketed under thick green vegetation, was an active volcano.  It had been rumbling and smoking for three days now.  I was glad all of us were leaving the island to go to a wedding.  I am too scared to stay here.  Another deep rumble under our feet.  The tide rippled, the sky grew darker.

The girls around me became more and more scared, and more and more agitated.  I pulled the invitation out of my bag.  It was a thick cream colored paper, it felt like think leather under my fingers.  Gold leaf letters stamped in cursive, read…


to be held,

on a summers evening,

(bring plenty of charge,

for your cell phones)

or, without you,

we’ll be leaving

I thought it was a very odd request.  I downloaded a several apps in preparation.  I bought and charged seven extra batteries.  Time seems to lose its teeth on the island, and the wedding party would likely show up, whenever.  Another rumble.  The girls were getting used to it by now, I guess.  They began laying in the sand of the beach, they looked like mermaids sunning themselves as the sun seemed to fall into the ocean.  They had their phones out and were playing games, and checking social medial.  We bathed in reddish orange light, and waited for the evening. The glow of cell phones, danced on the beach like fireflies deep into the night.  I burned through 3 batteries waiting.  Then I fell asleep.

I woke to the sound of shouting.  The wedding party had arrived.  There was a big boat anchored way out in the harbor.  Men in a row boat were yelling at all of us.  My phone showed 3:17 a.m. My 4th battery was at 7% charged when the bridegroom arrived with the bridal party.  I switched it quickly for a fresh one.  Several ushers yelled out that they needed to check our phones for some sort of confirmation to get into the boats.  The volcano bellowed a deeper rumble than what we had heard before.  5 of the girls began to scream, cry, and beg for extra batteries.  Their phones had run out of charge, and they weren’t going to be allowed on the boat.   5 of us had enough charge on our phones, we loaded into the row boats and then onto the ship.  The other girls, tried to wade out into the ocean, but were pushed back to the beach.  We watched the volcano explode into gray smoke and hot orange melted rock.  Like spilled honey, the beach was coated in seconds.  I saw a burning baby blue sash float in the air, and land in the white water in the wake of the ship.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert