Dear Wife…


Dear Wife,

Ahh yes, marriage.  We have been trying to figure it out for almost 13 years now.  You have held my heart, fixed my nose, fixed my brain, given me three kids, and best of all, warm snugs on cold nights.  You have been my confidant, ally, and best friend.  I would have given up on me countless times, you have remained steadfast.  Every time I try to insult myself, your fortified boldness rings out, “Don’t say that, about my husband!”

I joke with my co-workers that though we are a single income family, I have to ask for an allowance.  It is true, I surrender everything I earn, everything I have, and everything I will ever have, to you.  I have done nothing to earn your love, yet I get to bask in it every day.  How can anyone doubt, that there is a God?  Look at the wife I have been blessed with?

I had an expectation of marriage, a pre-written, poorly written script.  I did do something right, however, I cast perfect the perfect leading lady.  My manifesto, my ledger of expectation, has been shredded, to make way for clean exciting pages that embrace the letters of the years as they fall like summer rain.  I look back and read our story, it is wonderful. There have been ups and downs, gains and losses, but I have never felt so alive, and happy.  Anything I ask you about, or ask for your help, you deliver beyond my wildest expectations.

I can not live without you.  When I am away from you just for a 12 hours day of work my heart aches.

I love you.

I love our kids.

I love my life.

I guess I can love the dog.

I love,

that your my wife.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Copyright © Zachary W Gilbert

Don’t Forget to Walk the Blog


The place I call home is right next to the Rocky Mountains 1.6 km  (1 mile) above sea level.  A semi-arid desert, with thin air.  Many people visit and find it difficult to breath.  I was born way up here so it is my normal.  I take my whole crew on dog walks at the local park.  3 young kids, my wife, and our little brown dog Charlie.  The park is green in the summer, thanks to our ‘desert oasis’ sprinkler system buried in the ground.  At night little plastic shafts rise from the ground, cough and hiss, and water for 30 minutes or so.

Many people go to the park and walk their dogs.  Some people are social, with happy fun dogs.  Others, seem to be walking a guard dog, and patrolling ‘the compound’.  In either case, we enjoy the sun, the people, and the dogs.

Blogs are like dogs.  Everyday, I take my ‘blog’ for a walk.  I try and read 10 posts.  Titles always sell my choices.  Some, I only make it though the first sentence, or perhaps the first paragraph.  The blog growls at me, or ignores my heart, and I move on to the next.  I have a goal to like at least 5 and comment on at least 2.   Someday’s I go over 10 reads, most days, I drop 10 likes on all 10 visits!  I feel inspired, touched, and moved.  I have walked in a lush garden of your writing.  An ocean of ideas sloshes, and caresses wet sandy shores.  I love that moment, when I pause in the virtual park, walking my blog, and meet someone who has a beautiful story to share,  their story of being human.  I think blogging 90% reading and listening.  In the end, my posts become better from interacting with the community.

There are times, when I need to delicately pick up my post with a little green bag, but its alright, because I came to the ‘blog’ park to meet you.


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert