Quill! Shed Now, Your Dust!

Book being born,

time and work yield,

story in stone.

In ten years, will I care?

I whisper my soft reply,

after the angry shouts,

pull away from my red ears,

like falling ocean tide,

after a storm.

In ten years, will I care?

Writing on pause.  For what?

Unloved tasks, given the affection,

of my bursting mind?

Writing on pause. For what?

Pending approval for one whimsical

sentence, scratched on an invisible wall?

Writing on pause.  For what?

Kids and Family?  Yes.  That, is a welcomed pause.

Writing on pause. For what?

Painted pixels, dancing and dying,

within a pre-written tale?

Yet, in a precious moment,

I escape,

My mind, soon spills upon a

blank page!

I pick up, shallow and broken


my fingers dance life,

into their hungry tale!

I smile,

because the torment of stuggle,

now is upon them.

Writing, un-paused.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


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