2017 Act I, Scene 1:

Narrator:  A light turns on in a simple office.  One man sits waiting at a desk with a lone envelope laying on it.   He is wearing a clean suit.  Another man enters.  He has coveralls on, oil stains cover on his boots and pants.  Smoke rises from his shoulders like hot steam.  Mud is caked on his face.  He has been hard at work, but that is about to change. 

Manager: “Hello, go ahead and have a seat.”

Mr. H.: “I hope this won’t take long I am really, really, busy.”

Manager: “Are you feeling, overworked?”

Mr. H.: “No sir, not at all, I am feeling under worked.  I am busier than I have ever been.  My phone never stops ringing.  My commissions this year are going to be well beyond seven digits!”

Manager: “It is interesting to hear you say that.  Are you proud of what you have accomplished in your career?

Mr. H.: Yes!  Yes I am, and I have so much more I want to do here.  I have found my way into so many accounts.  People are using the hard work I do everyday!

Manager:  It is interesting you mention people.  Because that is why I asked you into my office today.  I feel like you have done enough in this company and it is time for us to go another direction.”

Mr. H.: “Whoa!  Wait a second!  I provide perspective, guidance, and help people see the truth!”

Manager: “If there is any truth, it is skewed with anger and bias.  It can no longer be tolerated.”

Mr. H.: “What am I supposed to do?  I have worked here since the beginning!  I have helped empires rise, and solved countless social problems.  Killed many, yes.  Hurt countless numbers, yes.  But, I get results.  You need me!”

Manager:  “For many years, management, did think of you as; essential, necessary, even fun.  But now.  Now is different.  Your services were never needed, and now you are no longer wanted.”

***  The manager, slides the envelope toward the man.  ***

Manager: “This is your severance.”

Mr. H.: “What is this?  This envelope is empty!”

Manager:  “We are giving you, exactly what you left all of us with, Nothing.”

Mr. H.: “I’ll be back.  I’ll get you for this!  You better be ready to pay with you blood!”

Manager:  “I have no doubts that you mean that.   Just remember, we will be ready for you.   Would you like to meet your replacement?

***  Another worker enters the room wearing clean work clothes that look new ***

Manager:  “Ohh great! They already have you set up in your new clothes!  I would like to officially introduce you.  Love, this is Hatred, he is the worker you are replacing today.  Everything he had at this company, I want you to take over, and we are hoping that you do things, your way.  Not his.”

Mr. H:  “He will never last!  Why wait!  I am going to kill you both right now!

***  Hatred pulls a gun and aims it at the manager.  Love grabs the barrel, and hatred dissolves to the floor in a white mist like seltzer tablets in hot water.  The dirty work clothes and an oily stain are all that remain.***

Manager:  “As I told you earlier Mr. L.  You may be overworked for awhile.  Mr. H. left you quite a mess to clean up.”

*** Curtain Falls ***


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert




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