Mother’s Aesthetic

Watch your step, as your bare feet attempt to navigate the chocolate milk stained carpet.  Some post apocalyptic toy war has left many casualties on the living room floor.  A cat licks spilled milk off of the kids table, while another bats off bills and loose papers from the kitchen island.  There are thousands of invisible sandbags strapped to a mothers shoulders every moment of every day.

The girls hair is wild, full of knots, and all of the precious minutes to get ready for school have been eaten by the clock that hangs slightly crooked on the wall.  A little boy who has only existed for 2 years, decides of take off his diaper.  He now spreads sludge over everything he touches, like a crashing meteor fouling anything beautiful in its path.  The dog jumps in to help clean up the situation.  Somehow, someway, mothers find a way to fight back the tide,  to win the battle of moments.

Laundry, dishes, bills, cleaning, phone calls, appointments, broken cars, all attack mothers, who have sacrificed so much for kids, and hubby.  Amidst the weary domestic war of life, in the aftermath of family, the scene somehow holds an appealing aesthetic value.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


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