Could it be possible, that things are uneven?

A winter storm, 10,000 feet high, in a sleepy mountain town,

two different people, two different experiences.

One wears hundreds of dollars worth of gear,

and is sweaty warm.

One clings to a thin ragged sweater, full of holes,

subzero temperatures leak thru.

Wet snow.   Blasting cold wind.

It swirls and tries to bite.

The dull ache of cold,

The teeth of winter,

only feasts upon one.

Could it be possible, that things are uneven?

One looks upon the stores and shops,

the warm scent of bread and candy fills the air.

“Hmm, what shall I buy? I’m not that hungry, but it is dinner time.”

One sees heavy brick, and frozen concrete,

though food and warmth surround,

they are held away tight,

within fortifications,

he lacks the resources to conquer.

Could it be possible, that things are uneven?

Hard work, yes, can produce warm food and clothes.

But, something often starts from something.

A carpenter without hammer and nail,

might not eat.

A painter without brush and pail,

might not have a home.

Where we begin, and where we end,

the numbers used,

to add up our days,

to multiply our wealth,

to divide resources with our family,

to subtract the sorrow,

From one to another,

It could be possible, that things are uneven.


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


# Daily Prompt

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