5 Bags Attitude

Matthew 25:14-30 may offer up a math problem.  It might be suggesting entitlement or preferential treatment.  But, I would like to think it is about a winning ‘can do’ attitude.


I see the master as knowing the workers for a long time before he gives them this task.  He knows who to give each quantity to.  The guy that gets one, I see as the lazy guy, who worries about everything and does nothing.  So the master gives him one last chance.  I wonder if the guy who got the 5 bags was a risk taker, a hard worker, and someone with proven results.

Let’s say your a mom, and you care about your kids.  That is a bag of gold.  You raise your kids well. Congratulations!  Now you have two bags.  Perhaps you are also a writer.  You write everyday.  You can never seem to read enough.  You perfect your craft.  Someone reads something you wrote, and it makes them thing.  Boom!  There is another bag.

I read this story, and I think it is about work ethic, and drive.  It is never about making money, because talents never belonged to the workers in the first place.  It was given.

In this short life, I believe that I owe it to the one who gave me my gifts, to act upon them.  To use my time to benefit someone else.  To take my gifted skill set, and in my masters name, make it grow.  When I die, I will turn in my results.  I understand this story to cover the span of a lifetime, and not just a weekend or a year.

The guy with the one bag, perhaps had time on his hands.  The other two were busy for sure.   I wonder, if the one bag lazy guy, tried to tell the other two that they, “Would get overloaded.  Would lose everything.  Didn’t have what it took.  Wasn’t good enough.”

So I say to you, writers, parents, painters, moms, dads, students, and workers, “If you are in motion, stay in motion.  The reward is on the horizon.   God made you to do great things, don’t give up.  Don’t bury your skills.”

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert

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