Dear Writer, it is parlay time!

Dear Writer,

The vivid portrait hanging over the morning sink, glistens in yellow light.  It is dawn, and you have met the person that controls your fate.  Why do you remain in a prison of self inflicted doubt and submission?  If you work at something, at anything, you will get better.  If you stay where you are, you will remain where you are.  Yes, yes, you created a book, you wrote and rewrote it.  It may need to reside on the shelf for a moment.  Now you know the rhythm, you have the discipline.   Small bites, small bites.  Write to an Op / Ed!  Good, now people who you have never met, have read something you have written.  Now, it is time to be brave dear writer, write for money.  Paid articles, gain experience, build that portfolio.  Then, then to the book.  Use what you have learned.  Edit it.  Give it joyfully to beta readers, then listen.  Remember that you will soon etch your words in stone.  Carefully shape your writing…  then, soon dear writer…  that wonderful portrait, that hangs over the sink will depict a happy and successful writer, who was once brave enough to parlay their talent.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert