Life is a quick sneeze, (Hii Ku!) bless you

Ruminate on life.

value in health, kids,

and loving wife.

Work to support

family, only one goal

warm childhood soul

Love, silky red mist

clothe my weary heart.

 Life anew with kiss.

Time becomes soft

moments are fragile, gray,

memories are lost.

High above Earth,

life looks so very simple,

death is birth

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert



Mr. Jiggle

In shadow, pulling lamp cords tight,

then, cutting wires in a flashy white spark,

Mr. Jiggle, douses the lights,

darkness turns warm skin,

into a cold and hard gray.

The eyes glassy windowed glow, lost.

Heavy drapes fall,

last breath stolen,

bony fingers, made of shadow,

collects lamps and sparks.

Sandy time, holds gritty truth,

six feet deep,

where Mr. Jiggle dwells,

he claws a rectangle,

into the sleeping earth.

 With wet brown soil,

jammed under his nails,

he carves your name,

black and final, in stone,

soon he arrives,

to unplug your lamp.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert