A giant wooden circle spins.  Old drawings of children riding on animals and laughing, cover the center hexagonal pillar.  The roof is like an ornate hat for a spinning round house.  Wood shaped into framed swirls and borders.   The paint is faded.  This ride has been on the Earth for some time.  An old group of people occupy it.  The music plays, yet the looks of blind joy, knowing sadness, and silent fatigue hangs on the face of the riders.  A voice booms over their heads, the music fades, the lights dim and the ride stops. They make a line, some are wailing, and trying to hold on for one more time around, but when the music stops, everyone must leave.  They begin walking slowly our of sight. The exit gate is closed as new group populates the circle.  Riders sit on plastic animals impaled with vertical poles.  The frozen faced beasts of burden drift up and down, limited to their evolution, or their design perhaps.  The moment is brief.  The ride starts.  The ride ends.  As the gate closes behind the old riders, children run to the animals, laughing and telling their own stories of how it all works.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W. Gilbert

Shadows and Void

The notion of Evolution makes me question my value.  Under that system of thought, I am only a product of adaptation, and soulless.  If I am a result of random chance, and my matter is nothing beyond, matter, then why do I matter?  Under that system, I don’t matter.  In the evolutionary construct, did the raw fibers that randomly were woven into the universe as we know it, ever have value?  Is an atom valuable?  A molecule? Bacteria? A worm?  When does value start?  The cusp of the belief in God, and the theory of evolution can only be answered after death.  The two treads of thought, in the active mind are silenced.   Existence may end in nothing, proving value was never there.  Or will our dead bodies be planted like seeds in the ground, only to sprout eternal souls, that perceive reality beyond the five senses?

I love to drive my 2015 Ford Mustang Eco-Boost.  I have never met the engineers, line workers, or seen the factory where it was made, and yet I believe that they exist.  My car is far less complicated than I am.  Humanity, I believe was made in God’s image.  Is that a shadow dancing on the wall?  An echo in the sand?  Or a truncated copy of greatness.  It may not matter, how ‘In His Image’ is applied.  The point is, with God, you have VALUE!  Creation silently shouts out God’s echo everyday.

The unseen fire of truth may make shadows dance, and warm the sand, and still be denied.   My suggestion, is perhaps you should consider your value, while you are alive, and turn around and see Who gave it to you from the begining.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert