Floating Rat

The moment chews on the wires of my mind like an angry rat. It crawls in spaces between flesh and bone. It alters my thoughts, shifts my mood and influences my actions. When suddenly I realize, the dark event lives in me because my breath has stopped. Drawing a long steady breath in through my nose, I pull my shoulders away from my ears. I uncrush the back of my neck like a flattened pop can stretching into its original form. Muscles release toxins, it is carried out in dark blue blood. It is thrown free from my body in the invisible cloud of exhale. My chest cavity pumps out darkness, smooth and steady. The rat dissolves, acknowledged, accepted. Inhale, exhale. Ocean waves massaging the rough sandy shore of my memory. Thoughts roll and fade in and out of my attention. The moment is lost, and my muscles dissolve into a mist that holds no record.

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