Foundation of Humanity

A graveyard, it would seem demonstrates best, the equality of human life.  Death is shared by all.  The cold ground holds no movement, no warmth, no memory, just a silent echo of life.  Dusty bones remind us that someone, once was here, but by then, it is too late to be kind.  Life holds a secret within our bones.  The hidden truth, that we are are the same.  We are all equally valuable.  We are all human.  During life, some feel inferior, some think they are superior, but at the end, the reality that we are the same is all that is left.  Skin color, hair color, tattoos, obesity, wounds, muscles, and even the brain becomes dust.  The value of every human is universal.  It perhaps becomes one of the most difficult things to master in life, to love and respect someone all the way down to their bones.

. . .

Copyright © 2018 Zachary W. Gilbert

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