Discovering that one is allergic to evil, isn’t a bad thing.  I think of my soul as a wispy paper goblet that can’t hold the boiling acid of hatred, and un-forgiveness.  Trying to hold on causes my vessel to break in a shatter splatter of hard words, and physical sickness.  I have learned that God is holding his hand out, waiting to take it away.  I don’t know why I have tried so hard to hang onto filth and decay.   Though the coaching of my wife, and my realization that I need help, I have surrendered all of my grievances with people.  To give freely a clean slate, I believe shows Christianity.  Just as a good writer shows a reader a story, so then a christian should show forgiveness without ever having to say the word.  Forgiveness is like the morning sun chasing away the lingering cold of night.  It’s warm rays crawl orange

Copyright 2017 © Zachary W. Gilbert


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