Fearful Talents

A battle with self,

defeat’s voice, burns hearts ambition.

Self decides; “Winner is…”

Life begins to taper, and I ponder the voice of my biggest enemy.  The devil inside my thoughts.  The liar that attacks my ambition, my value, and my perception…  whispering like a choking cloud of soot.

My mind is obese with lies.  Greasy negativity clings dulls the yellow sparkle that used to dance like lighting in a blue cloud.  Every day presents a challenge, do I walk the path of success, or do I let the lies bind me and I do nothing.  My ears seem hungry to eat the words of the nay say’er.  Self proclaim experts of life, the talent-less critic dines in the banquet halls of my heart, negotiating over the business table with my own doubt.  Carrying the same brain for forty years, and doubting my doubt.  Soon I realize the sour deal of defeat.  Defeat for me is being idle.  Defeat is burying that heavy bag of gold coins in the the cold wet earth.  Will I be buried the same way, full of unspent coins.  Or will I cast them out into the world, investing in it, and its people.  Then when my empty body meets with that bed of soil, my coin bag of talents will be empty too.  My gold coins multiplied and inherited by the Master who gave them to me.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W. Gilbert

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