Bones of Yesterday

What is that notorious place, in the caved hearts of the weary, the bones of yesterday lie?  Not lay, LIE.  They lie to those who would hold them, study them, and define themselves by them.  Life, and biology are systems that demonstrate renewal.  A cut heals, rain replenishes rivers, and everyday, the Earth spins into a fresh morning.  From days ago, from years ago, from lifetimes ago, yesterday rots in the hearts of the weary.  Sculptures made of rotten bone,  are erected as memorials to hurt and failure.   When someone lets their mine remain captive in the grasp of yesterday, others join into the the lie.  Others will take the lead of the one who gives value to the bones.   Lost love, bad grades, failed employment, heavy words, all litter the hearts of the weary.  Unfortunately, the land of yesterday is dead.  Let yesterday be a book on the desk of today, to be used a reference, and not a guide.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


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