Pink Morning Haiku

Marry, white and red,

pink hued children dancing,

on morning clouds.

Smell, pink rose petals,

friends dissolve into love’s ache,

red lips soon dance.

Pink banners wave proud,

“Die Cancer!” tears and smiles

fight, cell rebellion.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W. Gilbert

4 thoughts on “Pink Morning Haiku

  1. With fear that pointing out a possible typo might be annoying, the word “marry” (which means to wed), should probably be “merry” (which means happy). This could be wrong though.

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    1. By no means, annoying. Your comments are in fact, very welcomed.
      If two colors fell in love, they would ‘marry’ and their children would be a color blend. Think of it as, ‘Marry, Bob and Sarah’. Haiku is challenging… and that is why I love it. Thank you so much for commenting, as well as reading!

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