Haiku, then ‘knackard’

White fog blanket,

soothing silence envelopes,

a red heart glow.

In Colorado, we don’t say ‘knackard’.  In fact, I have never heard anyone the United States ever say that.  So, my dearest reader friends, I shall for your viewing pleasure, play with the word phonetically, as it could possibly be used in various parts of the US.   Many of my favorite authors have a well read educated narrator, but when the characters speak, they ‘live in their world’.  This is my humble attempt at some characters speaking within ‘their world’  (try and guess the accent regions in the comments section.  Also, may help to read aloud)

“Days cops duhn caught may!   Course fore dey did, I dun run drunk and knackard for three blocks.”

“Yeya deh doc.  I fell and spilled my cwoffee, and I thank I got my knackard.”

“Wyatt, you still diseased?”

“Nahh, cured.”

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert

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