Lights, eaten by Blindness

His selfish gray eyes,

are shut tight, as he

chews upon my ears.

Turned the wrong way,

his dead gray eyes,

see only the inside of

himself, inside HIS head.

Willfully blind to the world,

the warm glow,

close light of others,

is only distant darkness,

lost, from his shut gray eyes.

Complaining, griping, insulting,

he chews down candled souls,

the light is squelched,

lost in his wet jaws.

with eyes turned inward,

and a gut that will never satisfy.

One by one,

the lights fade,

With gray eyes turned,

into himself, in anger

he calls out,

his voice echoes

in lonely darkness

and he sees only,

the inside of himself.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert

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