(5) Monday Haiku

Morning sunlight,

kiss away, sleepers dream

dissolved, coffee.

A jolt, a sneeze,

pollen, on a spring breeze,

buzzing honey bees.

Chained word,

life sentence, writers pain.

Prison break!

Green desert lawn.

Writer making widgets,

Fish die in dust.

Heart as Ocean.

Rivers as Arteries.

Earthquake,  Chest Pains.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


3 thoughts on “(5) Monday Haiku

  1. That is what we go through, to make others learn and be able to deal with boredom. We worked overnight for the enjoyment and knowledge others derive in reading our pieces; and we still need to thank them for reading, because if we don’t, all our efforts would would be blown away in the wind.

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