Who is it, that consumes the living?  Darkness, that invisible specter that surrounds all things living, can never satisfy his insatiable appetite.  Hearts flutter and die, the blood within dries.  Flesh looses it warmth, and surrenders silently to the cold.  Darkness, has once again left fang holes where he has drank the goblet of life out of another.  His red eyes glow from empty sockets.  The swirl of gray smoke makes his eyebrows.  In his throat an unquenchable fire burns orange like an angry volcano.  In the blackest part of night he gathers up the seeds of the lost, and plants them in his vineyard.  Their names are etched in crown of stone.  The tread of existence, will soon fray, and unravel, swallowed by an inescapable, Darkness.


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert




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