I wish, they would see their broken souls, and not just their broken bodies.  The story, of how things are built, is left within the building.  Double helix stories, tell of eye color, hair color, gender, and skin.  The code of the creator, my Father.  It is easy to fix, you just restore the program.  I often will touch, or speak the abnormality to give the five senses something to grab onto.  Heal, in a touch.  Physical existence, since its creation, has endured a spiritual reduction.  The passage of time, and the nature of the universe is offered empty comprehension based upon an attempt to explain itself, with itself.  There is more.  I want them to find it.  To hunger for it.  For now, the bleeding, and the blind, are easily fixed in the program.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


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