Redlining the ’77

At age 40, I am not quite 20 anymore…

Those throbbing neck-aches,  they get into my ears,

I put too many projects on my shoulders.

My pulse becomes pain,

ache…. ache… ache….

Ice… more ice… Advil, hot shower

drink water… water…

too late, I am toast.

I hate that I know that.  I have done this before.

Now I have to grab the cell phone,

pain pulses, I feel nauseous,

I have to cancel, call in sick, miss out.

Sometimes, when I do too much,

I end up, not getting to do anything.

Official note to self…

“You can’t do everything!

Just do, somethings,

or you’ll max out

and do nothing.

Acceptance of this notion, is pending…”

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert

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