Nuance of Beauty

2017_03 CompleteBrushSet (1)

Ladies, every day you project,

a whispered song of beauty.

How about considering,

turning up the volume on your good looks?

Try Jennifer’s Beauty Base?

Like a master painter,

who pulls out a brush and captures,

a beautiful moment on canvas,

you will become a beautiful moment,

and capture hearts.

Show your features off,

as the masterpiece they are.

Entice your man.

Eye shadow becomes a sexy black dress,

showcasing your magical eyes.

Let them consume your lovers gaze.

Their color now pops,

a fireworks display of attraction.

The brush falls upon your face,

beauty has found its place.

You have awoke,

the stealer of breath,

and hearts alike.

A woman is a set banquet table of beauty,

roses are well placed color that

accentuates life’s moments.

Accentuate your moments now…


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert


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