Poetry of my love for her

Love for her, prompts

heated black ink to caress blank pages.

A lively dance of the quill pen begins.

Rhythmic circles and purposeful slices,

capture love within eternal letters.

Scented ripples flung,

out of the flow,

of your long brown hair,

smell like fresh garden air,

passionately kissed by, lavender.

Graphic, the memories of our love,

falling into my memory,

like rain made of white light.

Evocative, your smile is devoured,

by my eyes, love’s sensation, wraps

fuzzy strings around my heart,

and squeezes.

Eloquent, your movement captured,

forever, in the theater of my mind,

in darkness, the gray light flickers,

the screen is stolen,

as you dance upon it.

Vivid, the curved letters of your name,

tattooed on the surrendered shell,

of the love, that swells,

my glowing red heart.

Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert





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