Water Your Thoughts

Water, the heavy universal solvent,

Only so much is fresh, so don’t waste all of it.

It magically falls from the sink, cold on my hand.

Cities rise, limbless metal trees in the sand.


Water may hold invisible vermin, who often infect and kill,

A suburban lawn, drinks clean safe water until it has its fill.

Mighty stone fountains, hidden from the thirsty and sick.

The entire world, has a thirst,  “A cool safe drink, quick!”


Water, in a storm may cause a cities devastation.

Children unhealthy, and swirling, in a dirty water situation.

Water.  Lost in a desert without it, a dry mouth, longing for a sip.

Soon, water and people, may need to rethink their relationship.


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert





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