Capable.  The word rolls out of the mouth,

like a boulder, loosed from a mountain,

it rolls and crushes everything in its path.

when it strikes the cold river, it shatters.

Capable.  Stolen from good,

a now twisted word,

thrown into conversation purposefully,

ensconced cowards, a perpetually volley.

History hides whispers of the dark use

of ‘capable’.

“Your not capable to do that job!”

“Your not capable of understanding my politics.”

“Your not capable of love!”

A word flung out in blind ambiguity.

Capable.  Must be saved.

Away to a high mountain top,

housed in a stone fortress

made of the still boulders of achievement,

a welcoming, safe path to success.

A wooden sign holds,

burned, black letters,

“You ARE capable!”


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert

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