Attitude Infection

A red beautiful blood cell, looks like a lush red planet floating in space.  It’s doom soon arrives as small landing craft attaches to its surface.  The invader has many forms; a ball like sea creature with tentacles,  a brownish thumbtack covered in boils, or perhaps a black half moon that looks like a rotten potato chip.  No matter the shape or origin, they all have the same purpose.  To corrupt the natural function of the cell.  They drop twisted designs into the warm cell like radioactive string.  Tiny threads of data, thinner than a spider web.   The evil slips in unnoticed.  The virus does the only thing it knows how, infects.  The strands of lies are picked up and incorporated in the machinery of the cell.  The cell begins cloning the viruses.  Its doom is sealed.  Virus after virus is made without end.  Pumping out units, a slave to its new twisted mandate, the once red beautiful cell, is now an agent of evil.  One last virus forces the cell walls to explode.   An armada of viruses is released.  They drift in the void, waiting for a place to land.


A break room with white tiles and florescent lights begins come alive. Hot water makes swooshing noises as writhes and twisting in the copper pipe of the coffee maker.  A warm soothing aroma of roasted and ground coffee fills the air.  People begin to congregate around tables and chairs.  Soon, words take flight.  An army of invisible butterflies land hard on the soft fleshy beaches of all the ears in the room.  They crawl down the listening canal quickly.  Tumbling hot metal spikes, dig deep into the the cavern floor.  Then they find their waiting prize.  The brain lies in a darkened tomb of bone.  Electrical flashes and sparks dance within and around the mass.  The words crawl inside.  They burrow, infest, and begin to multiply.  Before long, the brain becomes toxic.  It is reprogrammed by the evil words and is now sending out directives to the mouth, that are the exact same twisted tails that poisoned it.  The body roams finding new victims to infect.  The proverbial heart begins its death march.  It is no longer red and beautiful.  It becomes rigid, atrophied, and full of thick black tar.  People all around, begin leaving tracks of sorrow everywhere they go, like invisible mucous.


Decay and rot will overtake moral in seconds.  When attitude is built on a love for people however,  the virus can only multiply its value and numbers by zero.  It dies, immediately after falling off the inflamed belts of the assembly line.  Its power is zero.   A social immune system is built on God.  To see every human being as his creation is difficult.  To love past a comment takes strength.  To love higher than a mistake takes courage.  To love through hate takes more cutting power than a mighty drill cutting through mountain rock.  Loving people is much like working out in the gym.  Reps will build strength.  Strength will yield results.  Results will change lives.  A positive attitude is welcomed by sickened minds.  I believe people want to be happy, deep down inside.  When I get sick with the flu, my main thought and wish is for it to be over.  If there was a way to end my suffering in a moment.  I would take it.  Thinking socially, if someone can walk into a room and encourage, excite, and relax people.  Shouldn’t such a virus killer do so.  Yes!  It takes practice.  I have to hit the refueling station every day in conversation with my creator.  I purge all of the tarred filth out of my heart.  I talk it loose.  I cough out contagion, and set free my rage.  He can take it.  He wants it.  It is a component of our relationship.  Then after multiple reps of “Thank you God for this,” and “Thank you God for that!”  I have a pumped up attitude to blanket the people in my life with some ‘thank yous’.  I want them to see the value they have to me.  If there are 10,000 wrongs, I still find 1 to raise high upon the pedestal of spoken thankfulness.  In time, the saturation of brain viruses begins to die.  Like a ripple of sunshine in the social group, infection begins to die.  The dark night of the viral invasion is over.  Smiles begin to form like the sun rising on the horizon, shedding light on what is truly important in life.


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert

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