The Soul’s Debt

The Soul was wounded, because it had racked up quite a bit of debt over the years.  That one lie, that time it stole, that forbidden affair, and that burning perpetual hatred.  Humanity has been blighted by The Soul of the wicked.  The Soul is sorry.  The Soul has regrets.  Yet, The Soul still carries the debt.  The payment can never be made, and the inevitable punishment looms like a mountain snowstorm over a stranded hiker.  Moving in for the cold bitter kill.

A long time ago God sent his son to the Earth.  He stitched and formed him to look just like his creation.  His creation, that pulled fruit from a tree and faced death.  His Son became the fruit and was put back on the tree.  The debt of all souls, paid.  So why would a divine being choose to add his likeness, his son, among those who defy and hate Him?  Why would God, apply torture and humiliation to his Son to pay the debt of souls?  Love.

So who killed Jesus?  They did! No, they did!  No, No, NO! THEY DID!  The argument is saturated with anger, however, it is misplaced.  The truth is, The Soul of Humanity killed Jesus, mine and yours.  Is it the gun the killer or the one who wielded it, that one judged guilty?  Is the murder weapon placed in prison or the murderer?  Is it the spoon that makes the glutton?  Should the obese fire up the treadmill and reconfigure the spoon?  The Soul made the debt, that had to be paid.  The instruments (people) involved in the execution of Jesus are not the issue. The sin of The Soul is.   The Soul with its deeds prompted the pain of God’s Son.

A visual of the damage of defiance to a Almighty Creator is seen upon that lonely cross.  Beaten to the brink of death.  Human resemblance robbed and replaced with tattered flesh.  His entire existence in that horrific moment became pain, and sorrow.  Yet, his love held on until the moment of his death.  It remains intact today.

God doesn’t say, “Look at that death!  The one you deserve!  Your next!”  You don’t have to be next.  The debt of The Soul is forgiven, daily wiped clean.  The choice is to not think that any debt is too large, and failure is permanent.  The relationship between creation and Creator is renewed.  The Soul doesn’t need to shred its credit card, because that is impossible.  To stop doing evil, is to stop breathing.  The Soul must take the card and daily hold it to the blood stained wood of the cross, look up and see that the cross is empty and so are the deep vaulted chasms that once held the debt of The Soul.


Copyright © 2017 Zachary W Gilbert

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