Dad 101: What my kids teach me

Last year I bought a PS4.  I have played 2 games on it since.  My kids watch movies and play Star Wars Battlefront on it.   It makes sense.  I am a dad.  I have sacrificed my life for my family.  I take care of five people (myself, my wife and our three kids).  Well, eight, if you count our dog Charlie and our two cats Tom, and Precious.  I enjoy the responsibility.  I never knew it would teach me ‘servant-hood’.

To be a good dad.  I have to support my kids every day.  With emotion, with time, with love, with resources.  I have said to them, “God has blessed daddy with a great career, and you don’t worry about the money, we will just have to buy a new one.”  I can’t recall what got broke but we replaced it.  I am not talking about ponies and yachts,  just dishes, glasses, clothes.  Stuff that kids worry that will make a parent mad if they break it. My kids worry about money, divorce, school, and social difficulties.  My job is to talk to them, and show them, that they don’t have to worry about those things.  I am glad that I am blessed with the gift of gab, because my daughters need perpetual communication with me.  I have enlisted their help with my difficulties that I face.  I tell them sorry and explain through what went wrong, and why things are wrong.  With their mistakes and my own. I hope that will pay off in the future.

God doesn’t come down and talk to me in a fireball, or a en-flamed shrubbery, although that would be cool.  I would probably ask for super powers, like flying or invisibility.  But, God does teach me about full on sacrifice and ‘servant-hood’.  Perhaps my attempt to do this whole dad thing right, will spare me from seeing fire of any kind.


Copyright © 2016 Zachary W Gilbert

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